Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thank YOU!!!

I want to thank everyone who made this blog a success and also those who visited, which I no longer own. This blog will no longer be updated. It has come to the end of the road and my long love affair with feng shui has come to an end. Thank you again.

Luck, Love and Happiness,

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Clutter Free Tips

Bedroom/Office traditional home office

Good feng shui starts with organization and this is a great way to keep clutter away. Clutter is to chi, like nails are to chalkboards for most people. A definite irritant. When things are irritating that's when things spiral out of control.

Clutter will make the ugly side of chi come out. Think; chaotic, crazy, and no good. It's a nightmare for sure. Clutter is just as bad for us as it is for chi. A tidy, well organized environment nurtures a space for our creativity, concentration and excellence. All of our sacred spaces need to be organized and clutter free but it isn't so easy to do all of the time especially with our hectic lives, and multi-tasking.

I find it easy to keep clutter free if I purge every month. I go into all of my rooms and do a quick run through of every thing I haven't touched or used in a while. If it still has life and use in it, something some one can benefit from  I give it away on if it just junk I try to recycle, re-use, re-new and don't forget re-purpose. There is no reason not to keep green while being conscious of clutter. 

Do you have a tip for how you keep clutter-free? If so, share it by leaving a comment.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Feng Shui Dining Room Tips traditional dining room

This is a fantastic feng shui dining room. It really demonstrates all or the elements of great interior design while keeping good feng shui in mind. Something that is always important is privacy and these beautiful draperies really bring the room together and give it that finishing touch.

Of course the focal point of the room is the round dining table. It is flawlessly incorporated into the room and the wooden accents echo the luster of the hardwood flooring. Round tables are great for family events or entertaining, it keeps good conversation flow and allows everyone an equal position at the table. With a round table none of your guests will feel left out and it creates an atmosphere of warmth. Be ware; once you have a round dining table you may have a hard time getting those dinner parties to wind down.

Something that many people mistake in feng shui is the use of wood. Wood is often needed to balance a room and it is one of the most misunderstood elements in feng shui. This picture illustrates the use of wood beautifully, however, it is probably not what you think. Take a minute and really look at the picture. The first thing most people would say to be the wood would be, well, all the wood.  Right? Wrong! The wood that is the flooring and table and accents on the chairs is dead. Yep!!!! That is right. Dead, has no energy.

Now that I have your attention and you are looking through feng shui eyes, now where is the wood? Did you guess all of the green? Good!!! You get a gold star for the day. Good feng shui eyes!

If you are scratching your head in confusion, allow me to 'splain. Dead wood has no life force, no chi, no energy. Green is the color associated with wood so we could therefore, use the color green where it is needed. There is of course one more thing that could be used that is stronger than the color green. A-ha!!! Now we are onto something. What is stronger than the vibration of the color green and has life force? I am so glad you asked.

That is right. A good old plant is the feng shui equivalent of wood. Use this whenever wood is needed. It is full of chi, life force and will get your energy in balance. Plants also promote healthier air and living environments indoors.  If you wanted to increase the amount of wood being used you could also put your plant in a green pot.  Ample use of the color green, while not as strong as the element itself will help to reinforce the energy.

The other element to notice in the room is the use of metal. The chandelier the walls and the display shelves all represent metal and metal cuts wood. Once you start dissecting a room to the color it can get confusing and is probably best done only under extreme circumstances by professionals. Most interior decor cancels itself out unless there is a conscious effort to increase a particular element for specific purposes that your consultant can advise you on and that is most certainly best tackled by professional feng shui consultants.

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