Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thank YOU!!!

I want to thank everyone who made this blog a success and also those who visited, which I no longer own. This blog will no longer be updated. It has come to the end of the road and my long love affair with feng shui has come to an end. Thank you again.

Luck, Love and Happiness,

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Clutter Free Tips

Bedroom/Office traditional home office

Good feng shui starts with organization and this is a great way to keep clutter away. Clutter is to chi, like nails are to chalkboards for most people. A definite irritant. When things are irritating that's when things spiral out of control.

Clutter will make the ugly side of chi come out. Think; chaotic, crazy, and no good. It's a nightmare for sure. Clutter is just as bad for us as it is for chi. A tidy, well organized environment nurtures a space for our creativity, concentration and excellence. All of our sacred spaces need to be organized and clutter free but it isn't so easy to do all of the time especially with our hectic lives, and multi-tasking.

I find it easy to keep clutter free if I purge every month. I go into all of my rooms and do a quick run through of every thing I haven't touched or used in a while. If it still has life and use in it, something some one can benefit from  I give it away on if it just junk I try to recycle, re-use, re-new and don't forget re-purpose. There is no reason not to keep green while being conscious of clutter. 

Do you have a tip for how you keep clutter-free? If so, share it by leaving a comment.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Feng Shui Dining Room Tips traditional dining room

This is a fantastic feng shui dining room. It really demonstrates all or the elements of great interior design while keeping good feng shui in mind. Something that is always important is privacy and these beautiful draperies really bring the room together and give it that finishing touch.

Of course the focal point of the room is the round dining table. It is flawlessly incorporated into the room and the wooden accents echo the luster of the hardwood flooring. Round tables are great for family events or entertaining, it keeps good conversation flow and allows everyone an equal position at the table. With a round table none of your guests will feel left out and it creates an atmosphere of warmth. Be ware; once you have a round dining table you may have a hard time getting those dinner parties to wind down.

Something that many people mistake in feng shui is the use of wood. Wood is often needed to balance a room and it is one of the most misunderstood elements in feng shui. This picture illustrates the use of wood beautifully, however, it is probably not what you think. Take a minute and really look at the picture. The first thing most people would say to be the wood would be, well, all the wood.  Right? Wrong! The wood that is the flooring and table and accents on the chairs is dead. Yep!!!! That is right. Dead, has no energy.

Now that I have your attention and you are looking through feng shui eyes, now where is the wood? Did you guess all of the green? Good!!! You get a gold star for the day. Good feng shui eyes!

If you are scratching your head in confusion, allow me to 'splain. Dead wood has no life force, no chi, no energy. Green is the color associated with wood so we could therefore, use the color green where it is needed. There is of course one more thing that could be used that is stronger than the color green. A-ha!!! Now we are onto something. What is stronger than the vibration of the color green and has life force? I am so glad you asked.

That is right. A good old plant is the feng shui equivalent of wood. Use this whenever wood is needed. It is full of chi, life force and will get your energy in balance. Plants also promote healthier air and living environments indoors.  If you wanted to increase the amount of wood being used you could also put your plant in a green pot.  Ample use of the color green, while not as strong as the element itself will help to reinforce the energy.

The other element to notice in the room is the use of metal. The chandelier the walls and the display shelves all represent metal and metal cuts wood. Once you start dissecting a room to the color it can get confusing and is probably best done only under extreme circumstances by professionals. Most interior decor cancels itself out unless there is a conscious effort to increase a particular element for specific purposes that your consultant can advise you on and that is most certainly best tackled by professional feng shui consultants.

If you haven't booked your consultation today, click on the services link to find out just what secrets your house is holding and how to unlock the energies.

Make It A Lucky Day!!!

Feng Shui Romance in the Bedroom Tips

This is one romantic bedroom  and it has good feng shui, too! Feng shui romance is always a big topic of interest but there are many aspects to feng shui and ways to compound the energy to work fast and in your favor!!!

Let's start with the general dynamic of the room; it is meant for TWO! There is ample room on each side of the bed, and there are furnishings representing each persons existence on each side of the bed, everything is a match. This sets the tone for the perfect match for you.

It is spaces like these that work well with the law of attraction and feng shui to really energize a space. When you realize that you have room for some one in your life and it is natural, surely it is soon to follow. And, let's be honest, who wouldn't love to get some serious romance time in this setting???

Romantic Bedroom Tips

Romance in the bedroom is a must! It is natural and before you begin your journey into romance you must create the setting. This is important.
  • sheets should feel sensuous.
  • candles are always a great mood enhancer.
  • make sure that the bedroom is a "couples" retreat room. It doesn't have to be X-rated, but no pics of family and children. This room has one major focus and that is adult interaction.
  • Bring the fun. Whether it is toys, lotions, potions or games make sure you have it handy. You should also keep any necessary items handy as well, I am sure you get my drift.
  • Two is the lucky number in this room so think of decorating in twos! 
  • Exercise equipment and work things are not fun or sexy- you know that.
Now that we have covered the obvious basics, let's get down to details. Who do you want and please don't tell me Brad Pitt, he is terribly over-rated, aside from his salary! Really, it is important you identify what it is you want in a mate or you will get whatever comes by and probably accept that with thanks. We all know that doesn't work after 16! So spend some time day-dreaming.

  • What does this dream person do? 
  • Are they an animal lover?
  • DO they wear a suit and tie to work or do they have a more relaxed job?
  • Dark eyes or crystal clear blue gazers? Maybe a green eyed handsome devil is more your style.
  • Tattoos?
  • Do they like to travel?
  • Are they athletic or cerebral? 
  • Wine or beer?
  • Sleep in or lay out in the sun?
  • Fast cars and life in the fast lane?
There are so many places to go with this, get pretty detailed and write that list down. Make sure you know what you want and what you want is in your heart. All good things come from your heart.

Make sure your home isn't keeping you single. There shouldn't be any pictures of single people. Happy couples are best. One of my clients replaced a picture of a single girl in her room with a picture of a couple kissing and it is the first thing she sees every morning. Instead of her focusing on this picture and that she doesn't have this person in her life she looks at it and feels what it is like to have that in her life. This reinforces what she wants instead of what she does not.

Make sure your home is set up for two people. I once had a single man who had a small dinette set in dining room, being a bachelor he only kept one chair at the table and the other one was actually right in front of the TV, so he could play X-Box. That was a serious no. As soon as he moved it he started getting dinner dates and didn't have as much time for the games, outside of the bedroom.

There are some things that we just get used to and over-look. It is easy to do in our day-to-day life and things slip by us when we continue to look at them with the same eyes. You never get out of a problem with the same mind that got you into it- that is not me but some one famous- I can't remember, but I can't take the credit. It is brilliant though. That is what feng shiu consultants are for. Seeing what you don't see, through feng shui eyes. No, those are nothing like Bette Davis Eyes! These are better because they bring great results for you.

  • Know what your significant other looks like, acts like and is like.
  • Make that home couple ready. Two is the luckiest number.
  • Make the bedroom where all of the magic happens, your own romantic escape.
  • If you aren't making progress, get a consultation. You are missing something and waiting will not fix it.

Make It A Lucky Day!!!

Feng Shui Romance

Feng shui romance is a hot topic!!! Clients often seek consultations on this after a divorce or just because they are having a difficult time creating that manifested desire. There are so many ways to approach this and while the best is a feng shui reading for love, there are several things you can do to up your chances of getting the romance you desire.

It's In The Stars!!!

 The first thing you want to do is follow the Flying Star.  This is kind of like wishing on a star with better results! I know, its exciting! For this we are going to consult the yearly flying star pattern and look for the number four. I have taken all of the calculations out so all you have to do is check the chart :). 

Annual Directions For 4 Star

South - 2009

North - 2010

Southwest - 2011

East - 2012

Southeast - 2013

Center - 2014

Northwest - 2015

West - 2016

Northeast - 2017

What is it about the number four??? The number four flying star is an amazing star with all kinds of great characteristics and one of my all time favorite stars! The number four flying star is a wood star, promoting scholars, mental power, fame, writing and sexual energy, just to name a few.

After you have located the area that corresponds with the current year now it is time to add a water feature. We want to nourish this energy and keep it flowing. I recommend a good sized indoor fountain, not made of stone, clay or ceramic material. In fact, I have a great resin fountain that I picked up and it works perfectly. It holds about three gallons of water and for most rooms that is going to be plenty and get the job done.

Now when it comes to fountains- Keep them clean!!!! I cannot emphasize this enough, unless you want a dirty, filthy, scummy romance.............. that is another site entirely, thanks for stopping by anyway.  Moving right along, some find that distilled water keeps longer, there are also algae cleaners, preventers, blockers. Get something, you will need it.

If you don't happen to have a fountain laying around collecting dust and shopping is a pain, feel free to use and empty, yes empty, aquarium with  a water pump. What is needed for this cure is water, moving , clean, sparkly, water that you can hear. When you hear it you get the feeling of it being there and you know it is working.

FAQ's About Water


Q The number four area falls in my bedroom, can I still have a fountain there, other Feng Shui consultants say not to do this?
A Yes!!!! Get the fountain in that room. Especially if this is a bedroom!!! You spend about eight hours daily soaking up the energy in that room. This is a must! The fountain does not need to run all day and night, personally I like the sound of the fountain turned to its lowest setting for the night. However, if you find it disturbing, troublesome or would just rather not deal with it, turn it off at night. I have found client s to get perfect results running it only eight hours a day everyday. turn it on when you wake up and off when you sleep and it will energize the room for when you are in it!!!!

Q I have heard that if the flying stars of a room are not balanced it is not always advised to put water features in a particular room?
A Right again!!! Yes, it is true depending on the resident stars this cure could possibly cause problems and the best way to make sure that doesn't happen is to have a feng shui consultation either for the whole property or for the individual room. Please check our services page- look to the right- to find out more about that.

Meditrranean Villa mediterranean kitchen

This is quite a big fountain but in the right place it would be a great asset to feng shui!!!! However, you don't want something so big for romance- unless you never want to settle down!!!

 Be warned: be careful in what room you place this feng shui cure because whoever spends time in the space will enjoy the benefits of the number four romance star.

Make It A Lucky Day!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

Catalano Residence eclectic bedroom

Feng Shui bedroom tips from a feng shui DON'T! As in don't put your bed directly in front of a window without any protection.

Most people think the reason it is a feng shui don't is for some ancient Chinese Secret rule that only  Feng Shui Masters know! ;) That is partly true, and as your personal Feng Shui Master, I am here to share my secret, passed down, only to be spoken of in hushed tones knowledge. Lucky you!!!

So let's get to it. Feng Shui is comprised of several elements that go into creating the best feng shui atmosphere for you possible. These are not the 5 elements I am referring to. I am talking about elements you don't usually expect to hear about in feng shui. The parts that make a difference that aren't flying star calculations. I am talking about good interior decor and common sense elements.

Let's start with the window. This is basic good sense. You need something to keep out light, noise, weather, etc. Let's face it- windows let weather in over time; drafts are leaks,leaks are money and discomfort. It is that simple. To be successful in health, wealth and happiness you need a good nights rest. This means darkness and no drafts. It is that simple. My recommendations are sheer curtains followed by lux, heavy, black out, green drapes. Not green the color, green for the environment. These blackout drapes are energy savers and provide the optimal level of darkness to get you in a deep sleep.

Go with something that really fits your taste and the room. For some that may be rich velvety chocolate brown drapes, for this room or it could be a twill, damask, or heavy material with a bright pop of color. Drapes are an important decor element that helps keep a room pulled together and finishes it in great way.

Lets get on to that headboard or lack of one. This is typically going to be a preference issue. I have actually lived in a space where the best direction for my bed was positioned just like the one in the picture above. I had no head board because it just wasn't my style for that particular decor. You could use the wall but then you definitely need to use blinds. You need to block that light. Then you need to make certain the windows are sealed and in good condition. I then used super long drapes that I pulled on each side to create an affect of nearly closed drapes and it looked beautiful.

Anything can work if you are using it right and sometimes feng shui is really common sense and interior decorating. Make It A Lucky Day.

Feng Shui Predecessor Law

Feng shui predecessor law is a quick and easy way to assess if the new space you are interested in is actually a good fit for you. You may be wondering how that is possible but this is a really simple way to get a general idea of the properties energy.

All you have to do to get an idea of what the energy is like is find out how the last occupants fared while they were living there. For instance,

  • are they moving into a bigger and better place?
  • does it seem like the time they spent there was positive? 
  • did they seem to enjoy celebrations like, weddings, children, promotions?
  • was there a divorce that took place?
  • are there rumors of unfaithfulness?
  • did something violent happen there?
  • did the person have mental issues or known bouts of depresssion?
Most of these things can be found out by talking to neighbors, real estate agents, or even the people who lived there themselves. Don't hesitate to ask. It is the best thing you can do to get an idea of what you are getting into.

Make It A Lucky Day!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Feng Shui Front Door

between naps on the porch traditional entry

Feng shui the front door for prosperity, wealth, abundance, and happiness? That is a tall order but perfectly DO-able. Chi is refreshed when you open the door to your home and even though the chi outside is perfectly balanced you want to make sure that you are enhancing it on the way in.

Your front door is like a chi calling card or business card. Make sure it is doing its job to get you want you want. Not only will spending a bit of time working on your front door beautify your home but it will create feelings of happiness knowing that it is working for you. That is another way feng shui works, with our feelings. You see every time that you walk toward your front door knowing you have beautified it to attract and maintain positive chi you are reinforcing that belief in yourself. You will see the beauty in it and it will cause you feelings of happiness, relaxation and more. This will signal to your brain to release chemicals coinciding with those feel-good feelings. It may be that your shoulders drop a little and relax. It could be that it looks prosperous to you and it reinforces that, whatever it may be along with enhancing the environment for the chi we want to multiply that by working on our feelings connected with it so it communicates a change in us as well. As within, so without.

Just how do we do this you ask? Its simple, easy and this is just good design. Think of walking into a beautiful hotel. The opulence of it, the beauty of front front, the welcoming of the door man opening the door and the woosh of air as you glide through the door into the lobby.  Carried away yet? Good. Did you notice the LARGE welcome mat inviting you in? How about the foliage of the matching topiary flanking either side of the ornate door? It is OK if you didn't stop mid step and start ticking these things off in your mind, but the did create a change in you as you walked through. That is what we are going to recreate.

Let's get to work. How does your door look? Is the paint fresh and beautiful? Is it a welcoming color? If your door is wood and/or glass is should sparkle and shine. Whatever material your door is made of you should be taking great care of it. Give it a polish, a coat of paint, oil those hinges, make sure it glides open with ease in the most inviting way possible. make sure the frame is equally well cared for. Don't forget to look down and assess that threshold. dirt and debris are a NO-NO!

Now go open your front door and visually take in the journey the chi will take to you. Is it inviting and beautiful? There should be a well kept path leading up to the front of your home guiding the chi inward.
There are lots of things to improve the aesthetics the path of chi will follow and that will just enhance it the already good chi on the way in. Increased positivity in chi is a plus. Here are some tips:
  • Install solar lights leading up the pathway to your front door.
  • Plant flowers or some type of decorative greenery along the path.
  • Make sure the landscaping is well taken care of.
  • Get flower pots or planters and flank each side of the door.
  • Use a big welcome mat. Black is always good and does attract wealth in a positive way.
  • Add new, shiny , sparkling hardware to the front of your door. Don't just stop with the handle, add a kick plate that compliments your door.
  • Make sure the entrance is a reflection of your likes and comforts. 

It goes with out saying but make sure there is no debris littering the path. Keep all trash out of this area, and doggy doo-doo has no business here either. Last but not least take a good look at the front of your home and envision some landscaping and then get to work. Not only will this automatically increase your curb appeal, thereby increasing the value, in feng shui it translates into prosperity, abundance and money.

Make It A Lucky Day!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Cure For Locked Houses

Cube House modern
modern spaces design by San Francisco architect John Maniscalco Architecture

 This is a phenomenal design element that incorporates something that is more popular in Chinese design. In my opinion this is beyond amazing. Read: Lust worthy, for sure. Allow me to explain. You see these beautifully wood panes move to OPEN the interior square area. Translate:Trigram quadrant!!!

I know it  is so uber-exciting I can barely contain myself.  Deep breathe, here goes: In every house plan you have nine equal areas. In the middle of those are the "heart" of the house. In the course of a reading or consultation you will map the energies of a house and this specific area IS where all the magic happens!!! This is where you learn the character and identity of a house. If it is WSWS, or reversed, or even worse, gasp, LOCKED!!! Oh no, there, I said it. It is true. Houses can and WILL experience locked periods and often their owners have to go to great lengths to remedy the situation.

THIS lovely square that you see in the picture actually PREVENTS a LOCK from occurring. This is because those beautiful panes fully open, allowing the chi of the square to interact with the chi of the house- thus preventing said lock from ever taking place. That is right. Outside air is always perfectly balanced, its only the interiors that have character traits that we identify and remedy or enhance. Once the chi is captured when the roof is attached is when the possibility for a lock occurs. Not, however in houses with courtyards. You can commonly find these in my hometown in the French Quarter, for instance.  This however proves endless possibilities. To view more of these amazing pictures please visit this site where I found this gem;

Home Office Feng Shui

Lorraine Vale traditional home office

With the recent trend of more and more people working from home, and stay at home moms (SAHM) are adding to this ever increasing group it is important to give some attention to the new staple in homes: the office. That is right, you need to set your self up for success when you work at home and that means putting feng shui to work for you in this room.

I realize not every home office is going to be palatial, we would all like more space, but start by making the most of what you have. First make sure that your back is NOT to the door. You are the head of your office, the CEO. As such your desk should be the focal point and have the prime location of the room. Typically, this means so people walk into the room toward you in full view. This is important because you don't want to be caught off guard or surprised. This position will allow you to work in a comfortable, focused, yet relaxed manner. Translation: Efficient!!!

Comfort should be next. I don't mean lounging comfort, I do mean get a good chair that suits your particular needs. There are tons of options on the market today so get what works for you. You are going to be spending a lot of time in it and a uncomfortable chair will slow your efficiency, and progress.This could lead to financial difficulty.

Lighting is important. I had a client once you got awful headaches in the afternoon, everyday. She had a big beautiful wall of glass that over looked the water. The reflection from the water increased the brightness of the sun and gave her the headaches. She called me for a consultation not realizing she only need window coverings. Once she installed these the headaches ceased immediately.  Make sure you have sufficient lighting at the right height and angle, while eliminating excess, unnecessary lighting from windows or over head.

Make sure the office space you are creating is neat and tidy. I like to place a plant or two in these spaces to brighten it up and keep the air from getting stale. Another welcome addition can be a motivational poster as well as a vision board. These are great tools to focus on when your mind needs to clear momentarily. Pictures of family are always welcome and it just makes the space feels warm and inviting to surround yourself with the smiling faces of your loved ones.

Resources are something no home office should be without. Even aside from the personal growth aspect it is important to keep reading material of personal interest and work related handy and in reach for easy reference.

Don't let your desk pile up with stacks of things to go through and address. Conquer these morale zappers as they occur so they don't get the best of you. If these aren't eliminated regularly these will slowly creep up and take over the desk and overwhelm you. It also brings about stagnant energy and causes you to become sluggish and behind. Remember, "as within, so without." Meaning if you are working in an area that is clutter free and well organized, you will internalize that so emotionally you will breeze through your work day.

Make It A Lucky Day!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011