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Sitting and Facing

Sitting And Facing

There is a wealth of information to incorporate into accurately distinguishing the determining factors of the sitting and facing orientation of a building.

When determining the sitting and facing of a property it is preferable to be on-site. That way you can get a feel for the parcel of land as well as see it up close and from different angles. Often, when describing sitting and facing to people I find it helpful to describe a visual image of a person sitting in a chair. After all, people have fronts and backs. So, think of some one sitting in a chair. They are upright, and if you are positioned in front of them you see their face. What you do not see however is their back or behind.

At this point it is helpful to use the word supporting in place of the word sitting. When you interchange the two what you really have is the back supporting the face. Now imagine that on a house you would see the front but not the behind. Remember, once you have the facing or sitting you always have its opposite.

Generally, there will be a more open feel to the layout of the facing side of a building. These rooms would typically include the living areas or common areas that are shared in with all the members of the household.
These areas could include, but not be limited to-
-living room.
-dining room.
-great room.
-open kitchen.
-sun room.
-sitting room.

These are all very yang areas, where lots of activity could take place, typically these would be brighter, more social rooms. Wherever there is yang, there must also be yin. The opposite of the yang rooms would be the more still quiet rooms. These would include-

-dressing rooms.
-laundry rooms.
-walk in pantries.
-mud rooms, and the like.

These rooms are usually quiet, closed off from social visitors, and not commonly used by the household members at the same time, and certainly not as a social area. Since there are probably less windows on the sitting side it will likely be a bit darker as well.

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More About Chi

Chi, is a prevalent force in your life even though its likely you may not give it much thought. Chi is the life force energy that is present in all place in your environment and in you. Chi is the breath in your lungs, the blood in your veins, it carries what keeps you alive. Just as in feng shui it carries what is vital. Energy.

Pure. Simple. Energy.
It really is that simple. Chi is energy. It has yin and yang qualities. These qualities could also be classified as good and bad, or lucky and unlucky. Depending on how energies meet in feng shui they develop definite personalities that can easily be identified and categorized the more one delves into this ancient Chinese science. This material, this chi is the seen and unseen energy of which everything in the universe is created.
Chi, in solid objects has a different vibrational energy than chi in a living entity, and different still is the energy vibration or chi of a color- like red. We know that everything in the universe has its own energetic vibration and the unseen environment is no different.The chi is calculated by combing the elements of time and space, from this we are able to identify these different energies with certain attributes, that are specifically characteristic and distinct.

Go With The Flow
Chi flows it is carried in the wind, like the saying, "the winds of change are coming," you can feel the effects. Think of it like the sweeping feeling of the change of seasons, its definitely there, but you cannot see the changing of the energies. One moves in and one moves out and its as quiet and seamless as could be.

Chi collects in water, water usually represents prosperity and it is no different in feng shui. Real estate is normally valued higher when it is on or close to water. In general, people like to be close to water- it makes them feel good, another effect of chi. Begin to take note of how different buildings evoke certain feelings and characteristics in your personality, or how they affect you. Notice your energetic reaction to different dwellings. All of these are a direct result of the present energies that these buildings hold.

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Wealth Area

Where Is My Wealth???

It happened again. I suppose it is just one of those things. It happens often after a consultation, I get the question, "Where is my wealth???"


"Where is my wealth area or corner?"

It is a very common misconception about classical feng shui. There is not a preset diagram to follow. If there were an actual ba-gua that was the same for every house then there would be no need for me, or any other consultant to take tons of classes and spend endless hours pouring over material and studying it!!! It is true, we all do this. It is not an easy thing to gain a comprehensive understanding of feng shui, especially flying stars.

So Just Where Is The Wealth Area???

The great misconception of wealth is due to the Black Hat Sect (BHS) theory of feng shui. This is a feng shui aspect that was developed to make it more understandable to the Western world, but not necessarily accurate. As frustrating as it can be to a practitioner to hear the same query repeatedly, it has greatly opened the door to feng shui being more widely known.
Typically, the wealth area would be in the back right hand corner from the front door, but not in flying star feng shui.
In flying star feng shui there are actually several combination's of numbers that are really favorable for wealth. A deeper understanding of the interpretation of the stars combined with the occupants and a number of other specific aspects can reveal wealth areas. These can be identified through a comprehensive consultation.

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Feng Shui Wealth

Feng Shui Wealth

The time for feng shui wealth is now. That is because period eight has it all - wealth, name, and fame. This is the perfect time to work on your personal wealth because period eight brings that energy in the most positive way.

Unfortunately, there is a massive amount of information that would have you believing that your wealth was located in the back left of your house according to the bagua theory. This just is not so, there is no one size fits all method. Feng shui is as individual as the house and the person(s) occupying it. It is just unrealistic to say that you can find your wealth area in the same spot in every house you live in. If you recall there are probably houses you have done better in financially than others. Besides, if that were really the case then it would mean that all of the slums could just activate the same corner and there would be no more slums? Right, there is proof-positive that it does not work that way. Of course, many so called experts would have you to believe that you can ignite the chi of this area with a money tree, or perhaps some use of colors, like gold or green. These are ineffective methods. So put away the where is my wealth question, you can start focusing on what does work.

The House With The Most Money
It is possible that houses come with the energy of money already installed in them. It is part of their make up. One type of house is often referred to as WSWS, or good for people, good for money. This is a great house but you will still need to use remedies for the negative areas- though they are likely to be minimal. Another house type is the good for money house. This can be a favorable house just by the name, however, many masters would prefer to have a house that is good for people. That is because a house that is that inherently good for people can propel some one to wealth through the great relationships and health benefits that are part of the natural personality of this house.
The one type of house that may not be top on the list is the reversed. However, I have seen this type of house support money once the proper remedies were in place. There are several house types and things you can do to make any house have more supportive energy. A qualified feng shui consultant can help you determine your specific house type and what you can do to improve the energy of your environment.

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Personal Trigram Family Member Directions

Personal Trigram Family Member Directions

Personal trigram family members locations are easy to find. Its all here. Once you have a to scale floor plan drawing you can grid it into equal thirds horizontally and thirds vertically, and you have exactly what you need to identify different quadrants or sectors of your building/house. With this information you can use your personal trigram or kua number to establish what part of the house represents you according to the I-Ching. There are eight sectors and if any sector is missing it will mean that family member is missing. This can happen in a number of ways. Perhaps, they move away for college or job, or just spend a lot of time out of the house, but it is also possible that three will be a death or divorce as well.

Prerequisite to find family member locations:

1. to scale drawing of your floor plan
2. gridded floor plan
3. accurate compass reading
Now you are ready to label all of the directions and sub-directions on your floor plan so you can identify which sector corresponds to which direction.

The Directions And Family Members Are...

North - Second Son - Kua 1

Northeast - Youngest Son - Kua 8

East - Eldest Son - Kua 3

Southeast - Eldest Daughter - Kua 4

South - Second Daughter - Kua 9

Southwest - Mother, Wife - Kua 2

West - Youngest Daughter - Kua 7

Northwest - Father, Husband, Owner - Kua 6

The proper interpretation of this is that I am a MOTHER so I am represented by the SOUTHWEST. Whatever is present in this area is going to have a direct affect on me. This is another way of using your kua number to see what part of your home you can beautify and strengthen to make sure it is empowering to you. This is much like using your home trigram direction to your advantage in the same way.

Whatever is placed in the Southwest, or is already there will directly affect me, my life, health, luck and wealth.

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Tai Sui and Po Sui

Tai Sui And Po Sui

Yearly Tai Sui And Po Sui Directions

Year - Animal - Direction - Opposite

2008 Year of the Rat S2 - N2

2009 Year of the Ox NE1 - SW1

2010 Year of the Tiger NE3 - SW3

2011 Year of the Rabbit E2 - W2

2012 Year of the Dragon SE1 - NW1

2013 Year of the Snake SE3 - NW3

2014 Year of the Horse S2 - N2

2015 Year of the SheepSW1 - NE1

2016 Year of the Monkey SW3 - NE3

2017 Year of the Rooster W2 - E2

2018 Year of the Dog NW1 - SE1

2019 Year of the Pig NW3 - SE3

This chart is based on the Chinese zodiac. It repeats every twelve years.

The Tai Sui and it opposite, Po Sui are inherently bad in nature.

Tips for dealing with the Tai Sui and Po Sui.

Do NOT turn your back or face these energies head on.

Do not dig in the direction of the Tai Sui, or disturb the earth.

Do not begin construction inside or outside of your house in that year.

If construction around your home or office takes place put a metal wind chime between your home and the construction.

Do not build a house sitting in the direction coinciding with the Tai Sui.

These energies bring accidents and problems, be very careful dealing with them.


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Feng Shui House Direction

Feng Shui House Direction

Feng shui house direction is determined using the sitting or facing of a building. This is easy to determine once you know what you are looking for. The keys to discovering the sitting direction usually include less public areas. You will find the sitting to be more closed in, with typically smaller rooms. While the facing will be just the opposite. This area will be more open and have more public-use rooms. This is where one would entertain. These are just some of the factors, yin-yang is also used. It is important to know the house direction before beginning a feng shui audit.
Got The Direction, Get The Compass Reading
You are almost there. Once you have determined the facing/sitting of a building it is now important to get an accurate compass degrees reading. It is easy to get an accurate degrees reading using a magnetic compass that points to magnetic North. This way it is not necessary to do further calculations from using true North, which can be of several degrees, giving in inaccurate reading. Once you have the correct degrees reading and you are satisfied with that you can then use the compass chart to see the corresponding direction of your degrees reading. After you have completed all of this you will have your feng shui house direction and you can then expect a great reading with positive results.

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Feng Shui, Rehab and Addiction

Feng Shui, Rehab And Addiction

Feng Shui Rehab and addiction, they don't seem like they have any connection would they? No, not to the ordinary person, but to the experienced feng shui consultant they make perfect sense. I have seen many cases where this is a reality. We are so influenced by our environments and quite often all of our environment isn't supportive or beneficial to our well being. This is the case in certain flying star combination's.

Addictive Behaviors

The 1 flying star enhances addictive behaviors, this can be especially dangerous when paired with a number 5 flying star. This pairing typically results in drug activity involving participating and/or selling. This combination can be lethal due to just the subject matter. The world of drugs is dangerous as we all know, and for some one you love, it can be hell to watch them go through this.

If you or some one you know is struggling with drugs or alcohol, it is very possible that it is being reinforced by your environment. Having a feng shui consultation would easily let you know if this was part of the addictive behavior. The number one star feeds the addictive behavior and it can be made worse by an addictive personality trait. It would be most likely that this star combination that would indicate drugs or drinking would be found in a bedroom or other important room, and/or perhaps an entry door. It would take a trained professional to distinguish if this was indeed being caused due to the occupants environment, and there is a cure for the home as well as attending rehabilitation facilities if that is necessary.


Addiction is so serious and it destroys many peoples lives, it can make by-standers feel helpless, but it doesn't have to be that way. I have seen feng shui properly implemented completely quit influencing ones desire to use drugs. This is usually the case for people who have not suffered long-term addiction. If the person has suffered long term addiction it can be a powerful component in their recovery not to be over-looked.

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Keys to Determine the Sitting of a Building

Keys To Determine The Sitting Of A Building

If you have found the facing side of a building/house then you automatically know the sitting. It is just that easy. Sitting and facing are polar opposites, just as yin and yang are opposites. However, if you have not figured out the facing, or just want to reinforce your opinion, it is easy enough to confirm the sitting of a house. One of the first things to look for in the sitting side of a house is the bedrooms, these are typically more yin, as are bathrooms, and possibly even utility rooms.

The back of the house is normally the sitting side, as the front of the house is often the facing. One of the few exceptions to this is if you have an ocean/lake/waterfront view OR if you live in an apartment with sliding glass doors- in which case that is then the FACING, typically. In most cases, the sitting of a house is going to back up to the back yard, in addition to this it will probably be less decorative, more private and less light than the the facing.
Points to keep in mind regarding the sitting position of a building-

-this is typically the more private side of a dwelling.
-less windows are present on the sitting side.
-less decorative, more of a private area.
-more utilities are usually contained in the sitting.
-this will not be the most picturesque view of the building.

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Keys to Determine the Facing of a Building

Keys To Determine The Facing Of A Building

Sitting and facing are crucial in determining the energetic qualities of a building, in fact, the entire feng shui analysis is dependent upon it. When combined sitting/facing can be overwhelming since these are very detailed concepts. Focusing on one at a time is a much easier way to tackle this.


It is often quite common for people who are not established in feng shui to just associate the front door with the facing but that is incorrect. The yin yang theory is commonly used in determining sitting and facing.Typically, the more active or yang side is the facing. The characteristics of this would include more open areas, common social rooms and brighter spaces. The brightness in these specific spaces is going to be achieved through the natural light let in by the windows. The windows and front door are going to play a major role in designating the facing of a building.

The Role Of The Front Door

The front door of a house refreshes the chi entering it, and from there it meanders trough the house refreshing the chi in all areas. Because of this the front door is important and does play a vital role in keeping the chi from getting stagnant. In addition to this we will incorporate the position of the front door to evaluate the facing side of a building. The facing side of a house is kind of like a face, in that it is usually going to be the pretty, more decorative, ornate side of the house. If the house were going to be photographed the facing side would be the focus for the photographer.

The following are some things to look for and consider in determining facing of a building;

-The picturesque view of a building.
-Unless this an ocean/lake/water view house there will be more windows in the facing area.
-The common areas like the great room, living room, kitchen, dining room, sitting room, and den will usually be located in the facing side, where more activity takes place.
-In the facing more natural light will filter in through the windows.

Last but not least, we consider the front door and if it is in alignment with these other points we will include it and conclude this to be the facing,
HOWEVER, if we determine the front door doesn't fit these descriptions we move on regardless.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Getting Started In Feng Shui

Feng Shui For Beginners

Just knowing where to begin in feng shui can be a daunting task. There is so much information out there, but even MORE MIS-information. Whether you plan on using authentic classical feng shui or new-age Western Black Hat feng shui this article will get you on the right path.

First Things First

Regardless of which system you intend on using you first have to have something from which to work with. This would be a diagram of the space you want to use. This could be a business, home, rental property,b or empty lot just to name a few. You will need an accurate floor plan to begin with.

For this you will need:
-tape measure
-graph paper
-pencil, eraser

OK, so you have the tools, now here is the work. Measure every room and draw it to scale on your gridded graph paper. This is going to give you a good visual outlook to your space on a flat sheet of paper. If your building has more than one floor be sure to include separate sheets for additional floors.

*If this is the case then I like to include a brief layout in a dashed lines over the first floor plan IF, and ONLY

IF the second floor is not the same size as the first.

Now make certain to include:
-sliding glass doors
-double glass or double doors
-work/study areas
-unused storage areas

You should have every square in under your roof accounted for. This is very important, and you cannot cut any corners here.

Once you have an accurate scale floor plan I recommend making several copies. You will want to be able to mark these up for different charts and people using the space and one copy just wont do. I recommend three for each person.

The Compass Is Your Buddy

You have a great floor plan, and you are so ready to move on, but where are you going? You are going OUTSIDE to get an exact compass reading. This is where the rubber meets the road. This is going to unlock all of the secret personality traits of your space. This is where all the magic begins! Are you ready? Good, let's get started. Taking a compass reading isn't difficult so by no means should you be nervous over this. Walk outside and take a visual assessment of your surroundings. What are you seeing? Are there a lot of cars present? That could adversely affect your compass reading in finding magnetic North. Are there tons of electrical transformers? These too, muddle the needle.

Find a space free of interference, and make sure you have none on, i.e., belts, jewelry, etc. Then begin your compass reading.

You will need :
-a compass. This needs to be one with all of the degrees marked.
-a piece of paper

You are going to take as many readings as necessary until you start seeing one number over and over and over. Make sure to note each reading and your position. You should also keep your shoulders square to the building during reading taking. You are going to record the degrees in each position that your building is facing. Sometimes this can take up to ten different positions, and even send you down the block. It is OK, just keep going till you get a few matches then you know you are good to go!!!

Now What?

You are doing great and you are almost there!!! Now you need to know what direction your compass reading is. This is easy, I have a handy compass chart that you can use. Scan the chart and see where you number falls. For example, North 12 degrees. Southwest 218 degrees, you get the idea. You want to mark this on a corner of your floor plan that you drew for easy reference.

There you have it. This is what you need to begin any feng shui journey and you are well on your way to unlocking the secrets of your property and living the life of your dreams, the feng shui way.

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Compass Chart

Compass Chart

Use the compass chart to identify the 24 different 15 degree sections

Direction --- Degrees

North Directions

North 1 (N1) 337.5 - 352.5

North 2 (N2) 352.5 - 7.5

North 3 (N3) 7.5 - 22.5


Northeast Directions

Northeast 1 (NE1) 22.5 - 37.5

Northeast 2 (NE2) 37.5 - 52.5

Northeast 3 (NE3) 52.5 - 67.5


East Directions

East 1 (E1) 67.5 - 82.5

East 2 (E2) 82.5 - 97.5

East 3 (E3) 97.5 - 112.5 


Southeast Directions

Southeast 1 (SE1) 112.5 - 127.5

Southeast 2 (SE2) 127.5 - 142.5

Southeast 3 (SE3) 142.5 - 157.5

South Directions

South 1 (S1) 157.5 - 172.5

South 2 (S2) 172.5 - 187.5

South 3 (S3) 187.5 - 202.5


Southwest Directions

Southwest 1 (SW1) 202.5 - 217.5

Southwest 2 (SW2) 217.5 - 232.5

Southwest 3 (SW3) 232.5 - 247.5


West Directions

West 1 (W1) 247.5 - 262.5

West 2 (W2) 262.5 - 277.5

West 3 (W3) 277.5 - 292.5


Northwest Directions

Northwest 1 (NW1) 292.5 - 307.5

Northwest 2 (NW2) 307.5 - 322.5

Northwest 3 (NW3) 322.5 - 337.5

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Fast Feng Shui

Fast Feng Shui

Clients and enthusiasts alike want fast feng shui. In other words the quickest way to get results, and I cannot blame them. The benefits from the results of implementing feng shui cures and remedies is immeasurable.
The best way to get your feng shui working when you have a reading or are slowly working on implementing the recommendations of you consultant is to begin with the most important areas.

Begin Where All The Magic Happens

The most important fast feng shui area is going to likely be the bedroom. Typically we spend at least eight hours per calendar day absorbing the energy there, and that is only sleeping. Healing or balancing the energies of the bedroom if it is required can have a very profound affect. Especially if the energies were argumentative or lonely in nature.
In some cases if the energy was already in balance then there will be no cure. If this is the case the room is inherently good in nature, even so you may be advised to use an enhancement to support this energy further.

Doors Are Really Energetic Portals

It just so happens that doors are the energetic portals to the house. Not front doors, but entrance doors. This is the second most important place to make sure you follow through with in regard to healing the energy of the area.
Depending once again, on the stars that are present, there are different recommendations for everyone. Following through in this area is going to be really important since doors have this great energetic quality that is really strong. Consequently, we walk through this energy several times daily, thus taking it on when we come or go and carrying it with us.
The entrance door that you use also refreshes the chi of the house so healing it can really be extremely beneficial overall.

Don't Forget...

Any other place you spend a good deal of time like the den or perhaps the home office is of great importance as well, and not to be over looked.
This is not to say that all of the other areas of your house do not need to be cured--- at some point. This is however, a good starting point and can certainly make an energetic impact.

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Feng Shui House Colors

Feng Shui House Colors

Feng shui best house colors uses the exterior decor of your homes color to support it energetically. The following chart is based on the SITTING not the facing direction of your house or building.

Best Feng Shui House Colors

North Sitting - Blue

Northeast Sitting - Yellow, Tan, Peach,

East Sitting - Green

Southeast Sitting - Green

South Sitting - Red

Southwest Sitting - Yellow, Tan Peach

West Sitting - Grey, White

Northwest Sitting - Grey, White

These are the first choice colors for the exterior of these houses sitting direction.

Second Best House Colors

These colors will support your house according to its Sitting direction. These are second choice colors.

North Sitting - Grey, White

Northeast Sitting - Red

East Sitting - Blue

Southeast Sitting - Blue

South Sitting - Green

Southwest Sitting - Red

West - Yellow, Tan, Peach

Northwest - Yellow, Tan, Peach

Make It A Lucky Day!!!

Feng Shui Best

Feng Shui Best

Feng shui encompasses many factors, but how do you get it to work best for you? You may begin by searching around the web and trying to find improvements and enhancements for the things you want, however, in doing so you may be leaving some things out.

Feng shui best works when it is accomplished in all of its layers.

-eight mansion/flying stars.
-personal stars.

This is not as difficult as it seems if you use a professional consultant, however, it can be a frustrating experience if you are trying to DIY. There are steps that must be followed and feng shui works best if it is done from start to finish. For instance, say you got an energetic blueprint of all of your interior energies and enhanced what ever needed enhanced/ remedied. This would be good but not best.

Good Is Not Best

This would be good if your exterior were perfect and your house was WSWS, but the chances of that are minimal at best. Or, perhaps you know only your bedroom energies and cured those but you still spend six hours a day watching TV, or in your home office. You see, having only part of it done doesn't tell the whole story. It is like having a sparkly clean beautiful home, but then there is one room you don't go in because there is trash in there, it starts to stink up the whole house, and even affects the rooms that you enjoy relaxing in.

Feng shui works best when all of the layers are applied and used in conjunction with one another. Don't let this intimidate you there are plenty of good references out there to help you along, including highly trained specialist in the field, like me!!!

Make It A Lucky Day!!!

Chinese Astrology and the Dog

Feng Shui Chinese Astrology


Feng Shui Chinese Astrology Dog is all about the characteristics of people born under this sign. Obviously loyal these people are also sensitive and compassionate. You can trust this ever-reliable person with even your deepest dark secrets, these people are far from underhanded and unusually straight-forward. These direct, frank people are highly capable and intelligent with a keen sense of focus. Highly emotional and easily triggered these people can find themselves in panic mode if they are not aware of their emotion driven panic button.

A person born under this animal sign will possess endearing loving qualities that may sweep you away, and their intense loyalty is no to be over-looked. These people are good at relationships as long as they are not being taken advantage of, a little appreciation goes a long way.

Famous Dog Personalities

* Winston Churchill
* Elvis Presley
* Michael Jackson

Make It A Lucky Day!!!

Chinese Astrology and the Dragon

Feng Shui Chinese Astrology

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Feng Shui Chinese Astrology Dragon will reveal certain characteristics you can expect from people born to this sign. This brave, dynamic personality is a good leader, with their fiery aura of power. Endlessly enthusiastic with a streak of luck that will make you green with envy, these people possess drive, ambition and a dash of impulse for good measure. Surprisingly diverse and proud they often lack patience with those less gifted than themselves.

Famous Dragon Personalities

* Sigmund Freud

* Bing Crosby

* Martin Luther King

Diversity is the keyword when referring to the Dragon.

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Feng Shui Chinese Astrology

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Feng Shui Chinese Astrology Horse is about discovery into the people born under this sign. Horses are active, adventurous, and love to travel because of their restless energy. Full of energetic spirit Horses are courageous and independent. It is easy to see why these people are so popular they have great personality traits. Horses are sensitive straight-forward people with a streak of ambition that drives them.

Highly emotional beings that can easily be hurt, horses are quite the sensitive people. Physical and emotional wounds can run deep with these sensitives.

Famous Horse Personalities

* Isaac Newton

* Clint Eastwood

* Jimmy Hendrix

Horses have an independent aura to them that is easy to spot.

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Feng Shui Chinese Astrology

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Feng Shui Chinese Astrology Monkey reveals personality traits to distinguish these characters. Monkeys are the rambunctious characters we expect them to be playful, fun, energetic. These people possess great talent and are entertaining, being humorous and slightly self indulgent. These romantic characters often lack the commitment quality, and are a bit on the self focused side even with their extrovert tendencies. Surprisingly generous and helpful these particular types climb to the peak of their success through a dose of cunning, often unorthodox aggression that can involve risks most people wouldn't take.

Famous Monkey Personalities

* Jimmy Stewart

* Elizabeth Taylor

* Diana Ross

Massive success can be known by these laser-focused individual.

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Chinese Astrology and the Ox

Feng Shui Chinese Astrology

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Feng Shui Chinese Astrology Ox will help you understand better the personality traits of the ox. The Ox is a stubborn and determined personality. Combine this with patience, dependability, and loyalty and you will know when you have an Ox in your presence. Ethics are are of high importance to the Ox as well. Even more so honesty, what you see is what you get with these people, they don't hide behind facades and don't expect other people to either. They may almost seem like a push-over, but do not be mistaken by trying to manipulate or exploit an Ox. It can prove a bad choice due to their fierce fiery temper that is known to take on a life of its own.

Famous Ox Personalities

* Margaret Thatcher

* Napoleon

* Robert Redford

These people can be very charismatic and possess great leadership qualities.


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Feng Shui Chinese Astrology

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Feng Shui Chinese Astrology Pig gives insights to people born under this sign. These devoted, thoughtful, kind people are quick to forgive and they are worth their weight in gold on the dependability and friendship scale. These open, honest, kind characters appreciate social interaction they are not a dull bunch. Always optimistic they have a laid-back peacefulness to them that isn't easily duplicated. Their downfall is their naive nature which compels them to nurture and trust everyone- even those unworthy of trust. Their warm, good-hearted nature is the single most obvious character trait of these people.

Famous Pig Personalities

* Humphrey Bogart

* Elton John

* Ronald Reagan

The magnetic loving personality is obvious in the Pig.

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Chinese Astrology and the Rabbit

Feng Shui Chinese Astrology Rabbit

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Feng Shui Chinese Astrology Rabbit is all about the discovery of this personality.Rabbits live their life in calm, relaxed, and peaceful manner. Highly diplomatic and kind with a dose of sensitivity and always on their best behavior, the Rabbit avoids confrontations at all costs. Ever the consummate lady/gentleman, quick adaptation, and strength in their capabilities are all to be expected from this individual.

Romantic, shy, and emotional are the tendencies of the sometimes insecure Rabbit. Be not mistaken love is in their heart.

Famous Rabbit Personalities

* Bob Hope

* Cary Grant

* Fidel Castro

Great differences and surprising sensitivities set these male Rabbits apart.

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