Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chinese Astrology and the Rooster

Feng Shui Chinese Astrology

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Feng Shui Chinese Astrology Rooster reveals personality traits you may recognize in theses individuals. These frank and outspoken individuals should never be underestimated. Intelligent and quick witted with a keen sense of judgment, these are people with inherent honesty in their genes. These proud, natural born fighters are relentless when it comes to getting what they want. Endlessly organized, busy an with a great sense of planning are their path to success. Top all of this off with a great work ethic and an arrogance for people who don't have quite the same qualities and you have a Rooster on your hands.

Famous Rooster Personalities

* Katherine Hepburn

* Dolly Parton

* James Mason

Headstrong and determined these people will make it work.

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