Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chinese Astrology The Snake

Feng Shui Chinese Astrology

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Feng Shui Chinese Astrology Snake gives insight to the characteristics of these people. Being seduced by the charm of the Snake is to be expected as they you to them. Intelligent and cautious these people leave nothing to chance moving ever so slowly after plotting out their plans they deeply dislike surprises or confrontations. There is no room for chaos in their life, organization is the key to their reserved calmness.

Be careful not to be taken in by their slick , slippery, devious side that is capable of manipulation, all part of their obvious wisdom. Of course they are not without a caring sensitive side.

Famous Snake Personalities

* Gandhi

* John F. Kennedy

* Bob Dylan

Enchanting and charming personality traits are par for the course with Snakes.

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