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Feng Shui Colors

Feng Shui Colors

Color and feng shui, the constant conundrum. What role do colors play in feng shui? It depends on the color, and of course, who you consult. Every one has opinions, but what is the tried and true truth?

Here it is, the truth about color in feng shui. For the most part color is a weak activator, and generally falls last on the totem pole, EXCEPT, the color RED. Red is such a high vibration of energy that it is an instantaneous activator in the energetic realm. Red is most definitely the strongest of the colors.

As far as energetic intensity is concerned black, purple and blue in their pure saturated forms are the next highest in vibration.

The least energetic colors are tans, earth colors, and pale yellow.

Color Representation Of The Elements


Red, Purple, Pink




White, Gold, Silver, Copper, Gray, Metallic colors


Black, Blue


Tan, Yellow, Neutrals, Earth tones,

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