Saturday, February 12, 2011

Feng Shui House Direction

Feng Shui House Direction

Feng shui house direction is determined using the sitting or facing of a building. This is easy to determine once you know what you are looking for. The keys to discovering the sitting direction usually include less public areas. You will find the sitting to be more closed in, with typically smaller rooms. While the facing will be just the opposite. This area will be more open and have more public-use rooms. This is where one would entertain. These are just some of the factors, yin-yang is also used. It is important to know the house direction before beginning a feng shui audit.
Got The Direction, Get The Compass Reading
You are almost there. Once you have determined the facing/sitting of a building it is now important to get an accurate compass degrees reading. It is easy to get an accurate degrees reading using a magnetic compass that points to magnetic North. This way it is not necessary to do further calculations from using true North, which can be of several degrees, giving in inaccurate reading. Once you have the correct degrees reading and you are satisfied with that you can then use the compass chart to see the corresponding direction of your degrees reading. After you have completed all of this you will have your feng shui house direction and you can then expect a great reading with positive results.

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