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Real Estate Feng Shui

Feng Shui For Real Estate

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Feng shui for real estate just makes good sense if you think about it. With real estate being all the buzz lately and the major shift taking place in the industry from foreclosures to downsizing it is time we looked at real estate from a new perspective. The old ways just don't seem to be working any more and it is as good a time for any as change. This change, while it can be difficult to adapt to, will most surely make the market a better one for all concerned.

Typically the way things have always done is some one gets in touch with an agent in real estate with the hopes of finding their "dream" home.

There is something wrong with this,

1. You have to have the money to have your dream home.

2. How do you keep up with your dream home financially?

What I mean by this is, people are having to wait rather long until they have the capital to acquire their dream home OR they take out a loan with the banks because it is out of their reach. In which case, they struggle.

Then, if they struggle or things happen in life, which almost always do, they are left in a position to have the house of their dreams but not the life of their dreams.

The House Of Your Dreams VS. The Life Of Your Dreams

Which is more important? A house is tangible, but living the life of your dreams is more heartfelt, philosophically intangible in many respects. However, typically, if you are living the life of your dreams then you can probably afford the house of your dreams. Of course this begs the question - How do I live the life of my dreams? There are many ways to create the life of your dreams. One of them is through the use of feng shui. When using this consciously to make a real estate decision you look at property differently.

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change."

Quote by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Instead of getting a house based on a list of must have amenities like , the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and dual laundry facilities, imagine looking for a property that would support your goals in life. For instance, maybe you are in real estate. There is a star combination that supports buying properties and doing well in real estate. Perhaps you are in the night club/ Bar business, there is a combination for that as well. Maybe you are a model and you need to stay looking young, and fit, with the help of a feng shui consultant you could achieve this just by living in the home with this inherent energy. For all of the lottery players out there, there is even an easy money star or a star that is good for gambling. Feng shui is really limitless when you get involved in it and define what you want out of it.

Perhaps you are lonely and want to be married, or you want children but don't have the money for fertility treatments- both easy cases.

Honey, I'm Home!!!

How much more miraculous and enjoyable would your life be if you were living in a house that helped you reach your goals

1. quicker

2. easier

3. and with more certainty?

Instead of struggling to keep up with the house of our dreams why not use the house to achieve our dreams. It really is possible. Just get in contact with me to find out if your dream is supported by certain energies.

I want to find out about using feng shui to find my home that will make my dreams come true!!!
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