Friday, February 4, 2011

Feng Shui Energy

What Can Feng Shui Do For You?

Let's just jump right in and get to the bottom of this. Many people ask me on a regular basis what feng shui can do for them personally. In other words, what are the benefits of getting a reading? That is just a loaded question. You see feng shui is not like going into a store and buying a pair of size 6 shoes just because that is your size.

Let's Get Personal, REALLY Personal.

You see the chi of an environment has many different combinations, and that is only the start. Then there is the personal interaction with the already present energies, add to it, where they fall directionally and you have some solid information. What is possible with that information? Sometimes a lot, other times not quite as much. For instance, I once read for a young couple, they had been quite wild in their even younger days. When I got the call from the wife she was quite upset. It seems her hubby and her had been engaging in drug use again. The problem was they had been off of it and were trying to start a family, obviously not the healthiest thing at the moment.

When I went to her house to do a reading, it was obvious they had either just moved in or had not finished unpacking from when they did. As it turns out they put their bed up and with in a few days were off on a party run.
I had some sneaking suspicions about the stars I would/ could encounter and it turns out I was right on.

Feng Shui Can Be Predictable?

There are certain stars that were in a particular combination right where their bed was located, and they were sleeping in their prosperity/ abundance direction in those stars, with red in the are to activate them further.
Wow!!! I could not get over it. It was an easy remedy, we simply moved some metal into the area, moved their bed and took out the red and when she called to tell me she was expecting she mentioned that there was not even the slightest inclination toward drug use again.

To me that is amazing and powerful, coincidentally it was the same star combination Elvis had in his bedroom, and we all know his his story. There are several star configurations that could make a person want to drink more, or be more social, or even use drugs. The affects of these energies on a person are individually personal, it takes experience and expertise to work with them in an effective manner.

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