Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Cure For Locked Houses

Cube House modern
modern spaces design by San Francisco architect John Maniscalco Architecture

 This is a phenomenal design element that incorporates something that is more popular in Chinese design. In my opinion this is beyond amazing. Read: Lust worthy, for sure. Allow me to explain. You see these beautifully wood panes move to OPEN the interior square area. Translate:Trigram quadrant!!!

I know it  is so uber-exciting I can barely contain myself.  Deep breathe, here goes: In every house plan you have nine equal areas. In the middle of those are the "heart" of the house. In the course of a reading or consultation you will map the energies of a house and this specific area IS where all the magic happens!!! This is where you learn the character and identity of a house. If it is WSWS, or reversed, or even worse, gasp, LOCKED!!! Oh no, there, I said it. It is true. Houses can and WILL experience locked periods and often their owners have to go to great lengths to remedy the situation.

THIS lovely square that you see in the picture actually PREVENTS a LOCK from occurring. This is because those beautiful panes fully open, allowing the chi of the square to interact with the chi of the house- thus preventing said lock from ever taking place. That is right. Outside air is always perfectly balanced, its only the interiors that have character traits that we identify and remedy or enhance. Once the chi is captured when the roof is attached is when the possibility for a lock occurs. Not, however in houses with courtyards. You can commonly find these in my hometown in the French Quarter, for instance.  This however proves endless possibilities. To view more of these amazing pictures please visit this site where I found this gem;

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