Thursday, April 28, 2011

Feng Shui Front Door

between naps on the porch traditional entry

Feng shui the front door for prosperity, wealth, abundance, and happiness? That is a tall order but perfectly DO-able. Chi is refreshed when you open the door to your home and even though the chi outside is perfectly balanced you want to make sure that you are enhancing it on the way in.

Your front door is like a chi calling card or business card. Make sure it is doing its job to get you want you want. Not only will spending a bit of time working on your front door beautify your home but it will create feelings of happiness knowing that it is working for you. That is another way feng shui works, with our feelings. You see every time that you walk toward your front door knowing you have beautified it to attract and maintain positive chi you are reinforcing that belief in yourself. You will see the beauty in it and it will cause you feelings of happiness, relaxation and more. This will signal to your brain to release chemicals coinciding with those feel-good feelings. It may be that your shoulders drop a little and relax. It could be that it looks prosperous to you and it reinforces that, whatever it may be along with enhancing the environment for the chi we want to multiply that by working on our feelings connected with it so it communicates a change in us as well. As within, so without.

Just how do we do this you ask? Its simple, easy and this is just good design. Think of walking into a beautiful hotel. The opulence of it, the beauty of front front, the welcoming of the door man opening the door and the woosh of air as you glide through the door into the lobby.  Carried away yet? Good. Did you notice the LARGE welcome mat inviting you in? How about the foliage of the matching topiary flanking either side of the ornate door? It is OK if you didn't stop mid step and start ticking these things off in your mind, but the did create a change in you as you walked through. That is what we are going to recreate.

Let's get to work. How does your door look? Is the paint fresh and beautiful? Is it a welcoming color? If your door is wood and/or glass is should sparkle and shine. Whatever material your door is made of you should be taking great care of it. Give it a polish, a coat of paint, oil those hinges, make sure it glides open with ease in the most inviting way possible. make sure the frame is equally well cared for. Don't forget to look down and assess that threshold. dirt and debris are a NO-NO!

Now go open your front door and visually take in the journey the chi will take to you. Is it inviting and beautiful? There should be a well kept path leading up to the front of your home guiding the chi inward.
There are lots of things to improve the aesthetics the path of chi will follow and that will just enhance it the already good chi on the way in. Increased positivity in chi is a plus. Here are some tips:
  • Install solar lights leading up the pathway to your front door.
  • Plant flowers or some type of decorative greenery along the path.
  • Make sure the landscaping is well taken care of.
  • Get flower pots or planters and flank each side of the door.
  • Use a big welcome mat. Black is always good and does attract wealth in a positive way.
  • Add new, shiny , sparkling hardware to the front of your door. Don't just stop with the handle, add a kick plate that compliments your door.
  • Make sure the entrance is a reflection of your likes and comforts. 

It goes with out saying but make sure there is no debris littering the path. Keep all trash out of this area, and doggy doo-doo has no business here either. Last but not least take a good look at the front of your home and envision some landscaping and then get to work. Not only will this automatically increase your curb appeal, thereby increasing the value, in feng shui it translates into prosperity, abundance and money.

Make It A Lucky Day!!!

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