Monday, April 25, 2011

One Thing In Feng Shui???

I get asked this all the time. What is the one thing that can be done to improve the feng shui of my house, home, bedroom, office, kitchen, garage, any area that is important?

It sounds very cliche. In fact, it causes many a feng shui enthusiast to roll their eyes as well as seasoned consultants like myself. Here it is..........................

Clean Up Your Clutter!!!

What can I say? It sounds cliche but it is so true. And it works. It is that simple. I recently had a client and she had great feng shui, but she was kind of sloppy. She thought it was just because she was busy. Granted this woman had a family and children and a business and was very ambitious, however, she thought she was doing the best she could with her untidiness. The problem is that it creates chaotic chi. Even though she had great chi in the house, it was adversely affected by the lack of cleanliness.

I set her up on a twenty one day program and before you know it she told me her whole family was helping keep it clean. They were happy to because it had made such a positive difference in all of their lives. Every one was happier and much more calm. The environment was enhanced and so were the family relations. In time she will start to see even greater improvements in her feng shui and how it is working to her benefit.

In my own personal life I like to do a thorough "spring" cleaning twice a year. I do these generally in the spring and fall. This timing is great because in the fall it gets your house holiday ready and in the spring it feel so refreshing and renewing. In both cases I like to open all of the windows and really air out my home. Even if it is a bit brisk, that is just as good. This helps to get the chi circulating and really moving.

In these cleaning events it it really important to get into all of the nooks and crannies we might otherwise miss in our usual cleaning schedule. I even go so far as to wash all the light fixtures, walls and baseboards. It is intensive and can sometimes take up to a week to get everything but once you are done you will be over-joyed at how good your home feels and looks. This is really the time to get into those corners that the chi never gets moved around in and refreshed.

Stagnant chi is no good any way you look at it. Think of it like this, everything in your pantry has a "use by" freshness date, now if you eat something after the freshness date it might not make you sick but it has lost its power to provide the full nutritional value you were expecting. You may have great feng shui but it is mixed with dust and dirt and becomes stagnant, it won't give you the boost you are expecting from it. It is old and stale and beyond its freshness date.

Happy chi is clean uncluttered chi. That is the kind of chi that will work hard on your behalf day and night so you don't have to.

Make It A Lucky Day!

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