Sunday, May 15, 2011

Feng Shui Romance in the Bedroom Tips

This is one romantic bedroom  and it has good feng shui, too! Feng shui romance is always a big topic of interest but there are many aspects to feng shui and ways to compound the energy to work fast and in your favor!!!

Let's start with the general dynamic of the room; it is meant for TWO! There is ample room on each side of the bed, and there are furnishings representing each persons existence on each side of the bed, everything is a match. This sets the tone for the perfect match for you.

It is spaces like these that work well with the law of attraction and feng shui to really energize a space. When you realize that you have room for some one in your life and it is natural, surely it is soon to follow. And, let's be honest, who wouldn't love to get some serious romance time in this setting???

Romantic Bedroom Tips

Romance in the bedroom is a must! It is natural and before you begin your journey into romance you must create the setting. This is important.
  • sheets should feel sensuous.
  • candles are always a great mood enhancer.
  • make sure that the bedroom is a "couples" retreat room. It doesn't have to be X-rated, but no pics of family and children. This room has one major focus and that is adult interaction.
  • Bring the fun. Whether it is toys, lotions, potions or games make sure you have it handy. You should also keep any necessary items handy as well, I am sure you get my drift.
  • Two is the lucky number in this room so think of decorating in twos! 
  • Exercise equipment and work things are not fun or sexy- you know that.
Now that we have covered the obvious basics, let's get down to details. Who do you want and please don't tell me Brad Pitt, he is terribly over-rated, aside from his salary! Really, it is important you identify what it is you want in a mate or you will get whatever comes by and probably accept that with thanks. We all know that doesn't work after 16! So spend some time day-dreaming.

  • What does this dream person do? 
  • Are they an animal lover?
  • DO they wear a suit and tie to work or do they have a more relaxed job?
  • Dark eyes or crystal clear blue gazers? Maybe a green eyed handsome devil is more your style.
  • Tattoos?
  • Do they like to travel?
  • Are they athletic or cerebral? 
  • Wine or beer?
  • Sleep in or lay out in the sun?
  • Fast cars and life in the fast lane?
There are so many places to go with this, get pretty detailed and write that list down. Make sure you know what you want and what you want is in your heart. All good things come from your heart.

Make sure your home isn't keeping you single. There shouldn't be any pictures of single people. Happy couples are best. One of my clients replaced a picture of a single girl in her room with a picture of a couple kissing and it is the first thing she sees every morning. Instead of her focusing on this picture and that she doesn't have this person in her life she looks at it and feels what it is like to have that in her life. This reinforces what she wants instead of what she does not.

Make sure your home is set up for two people. I once had a single man who had a small dinette set in dining room, being a bachelor he only kept one chair at the table and the other one was actually right in front of the TV, so he could play X-Box. That was a serious no. As soon as he moved it he started getting dinner dates and didn't have as much time for the games, outside of the bedroom.

There are some things that we just get used to and over-look. It is easy to do in our day-to-day life and things slip by us when we continue to look at them with the same eyes. You never get out of a problem with the same mind that got you into it- that is not me but some one famous- I can't remember, but I can't take the credit. It is brilliant though. That is what feng shiu consultants are for. Seeing what you don't see, through feng shui eyes. No, those are nothing like Bette Davis Eyes! These are better because they bring great results for you.

  • Know what your significant other looks like, acts like and is like.
  • Make that home couple ready. Two is the luckiest number.
  • Make the bedroom where all of the magic happens, your own romantic escape.
  • If you aren't making progress, get a consultation. You are missing something and waiting will not fix it.

Make It A Lucky Day!!!

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