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Feng Shui Romance

Feng shui romance is a hot topic!!! Clients often seek consultations on this after a divorce or just because they are having a difficult time creating that manifested desire. There are so many ways to approach this and while the best is a feng shui reading for love, there are several things you can do to up your chances of getting the romance you desire.

It's In The Stars!!!

 The first thing you want to do is follow the Flying Star.  This is kind of like wishing on a star with better results! I know, its exciting! For this we are going to consult the yearly flying star pattern and look for the number four. I have taken all of the calculations out so all you have to do is check the chart :). 

Annual Directions For 4 Star

South - 2009

North - 2010

Southwest - 2011

East - 2012

Southeast - 2013

Center - 2014

Northwest - 2015

West - 2016

Northeast - 2017

What is it about the number four??? The number four flying star is an amazing star with all kinds of great characteristics and one of my all time favorite stars! The number four flying star is a wood star, promoting scholars, mental power, fame, writing and sexual energy, just to name a few.

After you have located the area that corresponds with the current year now it is time to add a water feature. We want to nourish this energy and keep it flowing. I recommend a good sized indoor fountain, not made of stone, clay or ceramic material. In fact, I have a great resin fountain that I picked up and it works perfectly. It holds about three gallons of water and for most rooms that is going to be plenty and get the job done.

Now when it comes to fountains- Keep them clean!!!! I cannot emphasize this enough, unless you want a dirty, filthy, scummy romance.............. that is another site entirely, thanks for stopping by anyway.  Moving right along, some find that distilled water keeps longer, there are also algae cleaners, preventers, blockers. Get something, you will need it.

If you don't happen to have a fountain laying around collecting dust and shopping is a pain, feel free to use and empty, yes empty, aquarium with  a water pump. What is needed for this cure is water, moving , clean, sparkly, water that you can hear. When you hear it you get the feeling of it being there and you know it is working.

FAQ's About Water


Q The number four area falls in my bedroom, can I still have a fountain there, other Feng Shui consultants say not to do this?
A Yes!!!! Get the fountain in that room. Especially if this is a bedroom!!! You spend about eight hours daily soaking up the energy in that room. This is a must! The fountain does not need to run all day and night, personally I like the sound of the fountain turned to its lowest setting for the night. However, if you find it disturbing, troublesome or would just rather not deal with it, turn it off at night. I have found client s to get perfect results running it only eight hours a day everyday. turn it on when you wake up and off when you sleep and it will energize the room for when you are in it!!!!

Q I have heard that if the flying stars of a room are not balanced it is not always advised to put water features in a particular room?
A Right again!!! Yes, it is true depending on the resident stars this cure could possibly cause problems and the best way to make sure that doesn't happen is to have a feng shui consultation either for the whole property or for the individual room. Please check our services page- look to the right- to find out more about that.

Meditrranean Villa mediterranean kitchen

This is quite a big fountain but in the right place it would be a great asset to feng shui!!!! However, you don't want something so big for romance- unless you never want to settle down!!!

 Be warned: be careful in what room you place this feng shui cure because whoever spends time in the space will enjoy the benefits of the number four romance star.

Make It A Lucky Day!!!

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