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Personal Trigram Home Direction

Use Your Personal Trigram And Your Home Direction For Your Power Sector

Combining your personal trigram along with your home direction will give you a power sector of your home that you can energize to empower yourself. It is pretty simple and easy to remember. Once you get it you will never forget. Once you have figured out your personal trigram you may wonder what all the fuss is about. There is a a lot of information that pertains to you personally. Even more than that you now have a area in your house to identify as your home or personal direction.

For instance my home direction is northwest, because of this I now pay extra special attention to this area of my home both inside and out. This is very important because this is one area where clutter really will affect you, While I am not one to get preachy about clutter and messes they will definitely have an adverse affect on this area of your home.Regardless of what type of room this is in your home you want to make sure that it is kept clean, tidy, and inviting.

Furthermore, depending on the flying stars located there you could even enhance this area further by adding a supporting supporting element temporarily when you feel drained or need a boost. For instance, Northwest is a hard metal element, so in turn I would enhance my Northwest area of my house interior with earth, since that produces metal. This would then strengthen my element, in turn giving support and strength to me.
This is also an area that you would want to shed some light on both on the inside of your home and the exterior. Keeping both the interior and exterior location of your personal trigram lit and clutter free will help ensure more happiness.

I also recommend continuing this habit at work, make sure your personal direction of your work or office is clean, clutter free and well lit. Remember, wherever we spend our time in a space we absorb the energy of that area and we typically spend between 8 and twelve hours a day at work. That can really add up.

Decrease The Negative

While it is fun to always enhance or increase the positive in feng shui, it is even more important to decrease the negative. That is because if it is good in nature it is already a good thing, but if it is bad you cannot simply ignore the issue---- it won't go away!

This however is one case in feng shui where increasing the positive immediately decreases the negative. This will help you personally to decrease the negative influences in all areas of your life, spiritually, physically and financially.

Get Your Best Nights Sleep

Your personal home direction is also the direction you should sleep in to get your most restful sleep. To achieve this we are going to use pillow direction. Your pillow direction is situated so that when you lay down to go to sleep the crown of your head points in your home direction. Using this  feng shui bedroom tip will give you the best nights sleep ever...... try it!!! You won't be disappointed. Feng shui is all about improving you quality of living and it can have an affect on every area of your life. One of the most simple places, as you can see, is to begin with your personal trigram and home direction. Use your power spot to your advantage.

Make It A Lucky Day!!!

Feng Shui Maps

Feng Shui Maps

When some one mentions the word map it isn't typically feng shui that comes to mind, or is it? It can be if you are working on diagramming the energies, or areas of a building. A feng shui map is really a diagram that a practitioner uses to when reading the energies of a property.
The property must be proportionately drawn to scale on a piece of paper. This is the beginning of mapping the energies for the consultant. After a scale drawing has been reviewed the consultant will add to it the directions, and a dashed trigram grid. This trigram grid delineates where the energies or different areas reside.
It is on this 'map' that all of the information is recorded for a reading, and it is important that it all be accurate, remember this is a science.

X Marks The Spot?

Technically there is no X marks the spot as there is in your basic pirate map, but there are several places that will bring you wealth, happiness, and prosperity if you make proper adjustments. Some of these adjustments are so minor all you have to do is spend time in the energies to absorb their inherent good qualities!
Conversely, X also marks the bad spot as well, and you could be spending time in those areas with out even realizing you are making your life difficult.
It is all contained within the map but it is the skilled expertise of your consultant to put it to work for you in an empowering positive manner.

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One Size Does Not Fit All

One Size Does Not Fit All

Often, I get inquiries where some one just wants an answer about something in particular like their career. This happens even when I am in a social environment, in addition to regular request for readings. It is a funny thing that people mistakenly believe that feng shui is a one size fits all formula. It simply is not so, you cannot ask a consultant to blindly answer a question just as you could not ask an astrologer something with out specific personal details.
It's All In The Stars!!!

Just like an astrological reading for yourself, feng shui is like a reading for your house. It involves many layers that range from astrological to flying stars and directions combined with what spaces are used for, as well as who is using them as to how they will have an affect on the occupants. In the same house with people belonging to different elements certain rooms will even have different affects on different people.
It is a very involved process to have a proper feng shui consultation on the part of the consultant, and much information is combined studied and analyzed so you can know the results.

Sector H, East-West Theory

Getting back to the career issue, in East-West, sector H is indicative of: -unproductive career -poor finances -robberies
Where is sector H located in your house? Does it match your personal trigram?
It is completely possible that you and your house are not a match, in which case your houses sector H and your sector H will be different.

Good Fortune & Great Fame

Conversely, area or sector "A" is interpreted as great for fame and fortune, sounds like good luck to me! Again, the challenge is to be able to combine your trigram with your house and the utilize these effectively.
I am sure you would not want an astrologer who just rattled off a one size fits all answer to a question about your career, love or financial status. Likewise I trust you would prefer the same in feng shui.

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The Ba Gua VS. The Lo Shu

The Ba Gua VS. The Lo Shu

The Ba Gua

The Ba Gua or Pa Kua, as it is sometimes called is a simplified Lo Shu. In fact, it is more of a one size fits all method of feng shui. In the case of the ba gua, one simply uses the same template for each house. For this to be accurate it would mean that every ones house is the exact same, with the same present energies. That is just absurd to me, after all, aren't we all as individual as our houses? And really the magic happens when we combine our energy with that of our environment or space. It is then that the possibilities become endless.
With an accurate energetic reading you can then begin to use your environment in an empowering way to live the life of your dreams. If everyone's house were the same then we would all only be working with the exact same energies.
A ba gua is similar to a horoscope you might find in the newspaper or on the internet. You look up your sign and there it is. It is the same for you and EVERYONE else born under that sign, not very accurate information is it? Well, that is the difference between using a ba gua template and a Lo Shu grid, you get the personalized individual information you are searching for. Your house, just like you has a specific energy to when and where it was "born."
The Lo Shu

The less simplified version of the ba gua is called a Lo Shu square or eight trigrams grid. These are used by true feng shui masters and yield the personal individual results that are key when getting a feng shui evaluation. Essentially it is a none square grid that much resembles a tic-tac-toe grid. The center palace as it is called is the heart of it all. This is what is often referred to as the DNA of a home. Once you identify this through further calculations you can really know the personality of your home.

Make It A Lucky Day!!!

Feng Shui Ba Gua

Fengshui Bagua

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The feng shui ba gua. Just what is the ba gua and how is it related to feng shui? The feng shui bagua quite simply originated from the Lo Shu Square. This is the nine square grid used to lay over the scaled drawing of a house to determine the quadrants of coinciding rooms.

Feng Shui Maps

As feng shui was adapted from its authentic form into an easy to understand boiled down version the bagua came into play. It was developed as one size fits all formula for the western world. However, the term has become interchangeable and people tend to understand bagua universally now. The bagua is a type of feng shui map.

The Bagua and the Trigram

Once you calculate your trigramyou can then use it to see where it is in the bagua. Once you locate your personal trigram according to the bagua you will have identified your personal power sector/quadrant. Your personal trigram direction is a very important space inside of any building or property you occupy.

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Feng Shui Consultation

When To Get A Professional Feng Shui Consultation

There are many situations in which you may find yourself that are great times for a professional feng shui consultation. When to get a feng shui consultation really depends on the individual but this may help:

Get a feng shui consultation when:

-When you are moving into a new property is an essential time to contact a consultant.
-When you are apartment, house hunting.

-when you have never had one, OR you have not moved in years but can't understand why your life has       taken   such a drastic turn.

-When your professional circumstance change.

-If it seems all of a sudden you cannot seem to keep the money you have.

-When you are getting married, or the two of you are moving into the same space.

-If you feel like you are just 'stuck' or perhaps it seems like you are swimming upstream, things just aren't
   going your way.

-When you are ready to make things easier in your life.

-When you want to propel your life like a fast ball in the direction you wish to go.

-If you or some one you know or love suddenly or recently becomes ill.

-When you are ready for more romance in your life.

-To increase your luck, wealth, or abundance.

Of course these are some but not all of the instances you would want a professional consultation. Feng shui has done awesome things for my life as well as the lives of the ones I love, and I am deeply grateful for being able to help the clients I have. It really is a personal experience when you hire a consultant, they get a glimpse into your life and what is going on and once they chart the energies there is a lot of information there.
All in all, it is a great experience for consultants because you see peoples lives change for the better, and for the client, it answers questions and helps them significantly.

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Common Feng Shui Terms and Pronunciations

Common Feng Shui Terms and Pronunciations

These are common terms you may come across in feng shui, and some of their pronunciations if necessary. They are in no particular order. If there is a word you would like to see on this list please let me know.

Depending on the shape of the building the floor plan will either be square or rectangular in shape. It will then be divided into nine equal sections resembling a tic-tac-toe grid, eight of the areas or quadrants are for the directions and then there is a center area. Each of these divided areas are designated quadrants.


Sectors are similar to quadrants because they are another way to divide a floor plan to identify specific areas. However they are not square in shape but are more of a wedge or pie shape, emanating from the precise center of a floor plan.


Also known as qi, or chi, sounds like chee. This is the energy we are identifying through a reading. Chi is a life force energy that much like water takes on the shape of its container, or room for our purpose.


Facing is going to refer the the orientation of a building. Facing is the more open side of a building, and it refers to the entire front of the building. The facing quadrant is going to refer only to the front middle quadrant of the facing side.


The sitting orientation of a building is the exact opposite as the facing. This is going to be the entire back side of the building.As with the facing, the sitting quadrant is going to be the back middle quadrant in the floor plan, and sitting will be the entire back three quadrants combined.


In Chinese feng shui the elements are strictly related to elements found in nature. There are five elements. They are
these are the elements and these are the ONLY elements that should be used to cure or enhance an area.

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Yin & Yang

Yin & Yang

Yin yang are the two opposing forces in the universe, most often thought of as good vs. evil, black and white, hot and cold, these are some of the antonyms used to express the meaning of yin and yang. Technically you cannot have one with out the other. There are many different attributes to the yin yang theory.


Yang is identified as being more ACTIVE, of the two energies. It can be described as HOT, like a FIRE. It has distinguishable qualities that are related to the MALE gender. Yang is an energy of the DAYTIME, it is full of LIFE, and MOVEMENT. Yang is the life of the PARTY. It is FAST moving energy.


Yin is SLOW and SEDATE, it has the opposite of life force moving through it, it is DEATH. Yin is the SILENCE of the library, the SOLITUDE of confinement. It is UNMOVING, and STILL. Yin is representative of FEMALE qualities. It is NIGHT TIME, COLD, WINTER and lacking the life force of energy.

Yin and yang are really the elements of balance within feng shui, you need one to have the other and the theory is a wide topic. It is more than just understanding up and down, as your understanding of feng shui deepens so will your outlook on yin yang. One example of very still or YIN energy is a cemetery. This is definitely a STILL area with no LIFE FORCE. It is a SAD environment. Of course this is an extreme representation of YIN energy.

A very YANG energy would be a wedding or a graduation. There is celebration and a lot of LIFE FORCE energy. Tons of MOVEMENT would be taking place with a lot of people HAPPY.
While these are both very definitive characteristics of yin yang, it is helpful to look at the theory on a smaller scale. Remember, you cannot have one without the other.

A dwelling has its own representation of yin yang right in it. There are yang or active areas of the house, just as there are yin or still areas. Typically the yang areas are the common areas and the yin is the more quiet areas. Bedrooms and bathrooms would be considered yin.

It is important to gain a good understanding of yin yang theory if you have a deep interest in feng shui, one of the best ways is to just look around at your environment and start where you are, start identifying yin and yang as you take note of them.

Make It A Lucky Day!!!

The Three Cycles of Feng Shui

The Three Cycles Of Feng Shui

Once we recognize the elements of feng shui we have to understand how to use them to our best benefit. This is pretty easy to understand since they follow cycles of production, destruction and reduction.
Think of this in the form of a never-ending circle, each element producing something for the next, in a supportive role.

The Productive Cycle

Burning WOOD produces FIRE.

FIRE leaves behind EARTH.

Earth produces METAL.

Metal liquefies like WATER.

WATER nourishes WOOD. 


Notice that in the productive cycle one element is necessary for the formation of the next element making it supportive. The domination cycle is the exact opposite of the productive cycle. In fact, it is destructive in manner which is why using these elements in certain ways can adjust the chi and bring balance.

The Domination Cycle






When there is an imbalance present it is most likely the destructive cycle taking place. In certain situations the destructive cycle is optimal. Just as in nature where everything has a purpose, in feng shui there is a purpose for every element. The real magic is manipulating these energies to work in our favor. If we were only knowledgeable in two cycles we would not have the option of using the subtle energies of the reductive cycle.

The Reductive Cycle
WOOD pulls from WATER.

WATER wears down METAL.

METAL is culled from EARTH.

EARTH puts out FIRE.

FIRE burns WOOD. 

The reductive cycle is often overlooked in favor of instant destruction, but that isn't always necessary, and really knowing when to utilize the cycles and elements are what sets feng shui practitioners apart. The ever so slight subtleties that are environment changing is really the challenge that leads to great results.

Make It A Lucky Day!!!