Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

Energetically, bedrooms are important areas that need attention according to feng shui. Why is that? You spend at least several hours a night there absorbing the energies so you really want it it be the most beneficial it can be. Bedrooms should calm us and give a sanctuary like no other. They should be inviting, enticing even, and relaxing. This is very important to get a good nights rest and to keep your chi behaving the way you want.

To get the most out of your bedroom energy make sure it is in balance and harmony by getting a flying star reading on your home and balancing the energies of the house. This is the first step to harmonizing your environment. We respond to balanced harmonious spaces with out realizing it. Have you ever walked into some one home and it was so comfortable you felt right at home? That is what happens when spaces are balanced. We experience feelings of comfort and peace.

Once you have your bedroom balanced you want to pay attention to the condition of the room.
  • Is it a clutter free environment?
  • Are you sleeping in your desired direction? 
  • Are you using colors that support you and the energies of the room?
  • Make sure that your bedroom is a reflection of you, whatever your style.
Start with your bed. Regardless of where it is situated the bed should be the focal point of the room. I like to suggest that clients get sheets that engage their senses when they see or feel them. The bedroom is about senses and sensuality, after all.

Keep harsh lighting to a minimum. I find that a couple of lamps strategically placed can be better than over head lighting that is so often found in bedrooms. These can be placed on dressers, night tables, or even free standing lamps are great additions that give the room a glow rather than full force lighting.

Things to avoid in the bedroom-

  • Pictures of your children and family members. These are better placed through out the house.
  • Pictures of exes- these will just remind you that they are no longer in your life- reinforcing that you are alone.
  • Beams over your bed create pressure and agitate the chi of the room.
  • Decor that is too masculine or too feminine. Maintaining a balance that is comfortable for both men and women is key to comfort and balance.
  • Too many religious objects change the mood of the room. If possible keep these in another room or not in plain view of the bed.
Bedroom tips that are a DO! 

  • Use luxurious fabrics in the form of drapes, sheets and comforters.
  • Make it a sanctuary that is a reflection of you and your personal style.
  • Keep it neat and clutter free.
  • Choose images to display with care, this includes art and photos.
  • Use lamps for lighting.
  • Keep this room adult friendly. It doesn't need a RATED XXX warning but it shouldn't evoke feelings of childhood.
Enjoy the peace of knowing you are resting in a balanced harmonized space created for your  greatest good.

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