Saturday, May 14, 2011

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

Catalano Residence eclectic bedroom

Feng Shui bedroom tips from a feng shui DON'T! As in don't put your bed directly in front of a window without any protection.

Most people think the reason it is a feng shui don't is for some ancient Chinese Secret rule that only  Feng Shui Masters know! ;) That is partly true, and as your personal Feng Shui Master, I am here to share my secret, passed down, only to be spoken of in hushed tones knowledge. Lucky you!!!

So let's get to it. Feng Shui is comprised of several elements that go into creating the best feng shui atmosphere for you possible. These are not the 5 elements I am referring to. I am talking about elements you don't usually expect to hear about in feng shui. The parts that make a difference that aren't flying star calculations. I am talking about good interior decor and common sense elements.

Let's start with the window. This is basic good sense. You need something to keep out light, noise, weather, etc. Let's face it- windows let weather in over time; drafts are leaks,leaks are money and discomfort. It is that simple. To be successful in health, wealth and happiness you need a good nights rest. This means darkness and no drafts. It is that simple. My recommendations are sheer curtains followed by lux, heavy, black out, green drapes. Not green the color, green for the environment. These blackout drapes are energy savers and provide the optimal level of darkness to get you in a deep sleep.

Go with something that really fits your taste and the room. For some that may be rich velvety chocolate brown drapes, for this room or it could be a twill, damask, or heavy material with a bright pop of color. Drapes are an important decor element that helps keep a room pulled together and finishes it in great way.

Lets get on to that headboard or lack of one. This is typically going to be a preference issue. I have actually lived in a space where the best direction for my bed was positioned just like the one in the picture above. I had no head board because it just wasn't my style for that particular decor. You could use the wall but then you definitely need to use blinds. You need to block that light. Then you need to make certain the windows are sealed and in good condition. I then used super long drapes that I pulled on each side to create an affect of nearly closed drapes and it looked beautiful.

Anything can work if you are using it right and sometimes feng shui is really common sense and interior decorating. Make It A Lucky Day.

Feng Shui Predecessor Law

Feng shui predecessor law is a quick and easy way to assess if the new space you are interested in is actually a good fit for you. You may be wondering how that is possible but this is a really simple way to get a general idea of the properties energy.

All you have to do to get an idea of what the energy is like is find out how the last occupants fared while they were living there. For instance,

  • are they moving into a bigger and better place?
  • does it seem like the time they spent there was positive? 
  • did they seem to enjoy celebrations like, weddings, children, promotions?
  • was there a divorce that took place?
  • are there rumors of unfaithfulness?
  • did something violent happen there?
  • did the person have mental issues or known bouts of depresssion?
Most of these things can be found out by talking to neighbors, real estate agents, or even the people who lived there themselves. Don't hesitate to ask. It is the best thing you can do to get an idea of what you are getting into.

Make It A Lucky Day!!!